SoCal Premier AAU Information, Waiver & Release

Do you have what it takes to compete at the National Level in youth sports? We think so! My name is Robert Looper, and I am the Founder and Head Coach of SoCal Premier AAU. It’s our dream to help every player reach the highest desired level of play. As Elementary and Jr. High teams focus on development, team building and chemistry, our High School teams focus on success on and off the court and college opportunities. We offer tons of programs including teams from the youngest possible players, through unsigned high school seniors and junior college players. We are one of the largest, competitive AAU organizations in Southern California. We thrive by being as personal as possible as we develop a strong bond with each and every player in the program that creates a sense of comfortability that helps the player perform at their peak. The boys and girls in our program get high quality coaches who not only know the game of basketball, but know the game of life and the development of great people with great character.

We have a tremendous staff who are dedicated to success, personal growth both on and off the court, and helping players in achieving their goals. We house coaches that love the sport, but also have life coaches, nutritional advisors, athletic trainers, and basketball skills trainers all at the disposal of our players. If you’re curious about the staff, check all of our bio’s and personal/athletic history on You can find a lot of useful information on the website such as rosters, calendars, schedules, personnel, merchandise and much more.

On the following page, we will have our rules and regulations info plus signage so you can get an idea on what we are all about. Also, attached is our waiver, which basically is a release of liability waiver which both forms are to be printed, signed and returned by the end of the following week.

Rules and Regulations

As we go forward, I am presenting a set of rules and regulations for the program. Those rules cover attendance, attitude, conflict, payment, and a bit more.



One thing the program abides by is the resolution of outside conflicts. As coaches, we do everything possible to make the right decisions and provide a healthy learning environment for our players and staff. We do not guarantee playing time. As conflicts, we do not take action on “he said, she said” situations. Again, we as coaches are focusing on the betterment of the players skills, team play, knowledge, and recruitment. It is the individual's job to handle any parent to parent/player to player talks face to face with the said other person. Player to player is handled between the two unless it gets out of hand, as we believe that players should treat each other with respect, and handle the issues as adults. That does not mean we will tolerate any fighting, bullying etc, just want to build the skill of teamwork whether that be through conflict resolution or through the game of basketball. Parent to parent is expected to be handled amongst themselves. Parent to player will not be tolerated and is not accepted by our program unless it is welcomed by the player.


Parental Input

Us as coaches know that parents want the best for their children. We are happy to hear questions, comments or concerns AFTER a 24 hour “Cool Down” period where we take time to reflect on the game. In our experience, these 24 hours are crucial as it helps the coaches address any issues internally amongst staff, and with parents as emotions tend to run highest within the first few hours of the game. Parents' questions and comments on calendar and

coaching critiques can be voiced to assistant coaches Dan Broyles, or Sid Davis and relayed to Coach Looper. Opinions can be heard, but not always acted upon by coaching staff. At no point can a parent or player badmouth a coach or fellow player without disciplinary actions taken. We are experienced and can be trusted to have kids in the best, most competitive and exposure tournaments available without input. Some distances may be inconvenient but necessary as part of the program.


Absences & Playing Time

Us being so competitive in the AAU community, we are never to “guarantee” playing time to any player. Playing time is earned, not given. Each player earns playing time through dedication to practice, paying attention during practice, and being respectful to the coaches and others. If a player misses practice without a valid excuse, they will forfeit 10 minutes of playing time. At any time during practice, if a player is acting out of line, they will result in a decrease of minutes of playing time as the first occurrence, second occurrence will result in a half to a whole game suspension. Final occurrence will result in expulsion from the team, without refund. Attendance is mandatory for every practice. If we don’t have everyone at practice, we are losing out on a valuable time to be able to teach. We have a vast playbook, and without players at practice, we cannot teach these plays to help our teams and players succeed. Teaching a playbook with missing players leads to us having to reteach these same plays over and over which leads to loss of time where we could be developing in an ulterior way. That being said If a player misses practice without a valid excuse, they will forfeit 10 minutes of playing time. If a player is to miss OR be late to a practice OR game, the player is responsible for reaching one of the coaches in a timely manner, whether by own phone or parents phone, as we prepare a practice plan for the team with a set number of players in mind, missing a player is detrimental to our progress and team building. We model these rules as like a job, where an employee must contact and take responsibility for the attendance and attention. Finally, if a player is not giving their 100% effort in drills, practice or a game, it will lead to a decrease in minutes, as we have enough players that another will give that effort without being demanded of it. There is zero tolerance for attitude. If a player has a question, they will be answered happily, but if at any time, staff is treated with disrespect, anger or questioning decision making, disciplinary measures will be taken.


Payment of fees will be paid no later than the first Friday of each month. These fees 
pay for our tournaments, our practice gym, our shootouts and all of our necessities for us to run the program. If there is ever an issue with this day, please reach out to me directly by the Wednesday prior to the Friday deadline, as we have to make adjustments.

Waiver Acknowledgment

I, _______________________ understand these rules and regulations prepared on the prior pages. It is my duty, not my guardians, to plan how I will attend practice and games. I will communicate my tardiness or absenteeism prior to practice. I will abide by all stated rules and regulations and I am aware of the punishment of failure to abide. I player & parent understand the team rules regarding interpersonal conflicts and will abide by stated guidelines.

________________________ __________________________ ___________

Print, Sign, Date Player

________________________ __________________________ ____________

Print, Sign, Date Parent/Guardian

Athletic Consent/Waiver Form

To: Parent/Guardian
From: LHE SoCal Premier LLC

Below is a consent form giving your son/daughter permission to participate in LHE SoCal Premier LLC Activities.This consent form allows your child to practice and play in games. It is also a waiver of injury. Guardians/Participating Parties understand that LHE SoCal Premier LLC, Robert Looper, and LHE SoCal Premier LLC Coaching staff are not liable for any injuries that may occur while participating in the sports, whether games or practice. Also, it is understood that said listed parties are not liable or responsible for transportation or travel accommodations. This being said, any training/practices/games whether indoor or outdoor activities, including the possibility of being next to a non-busy street, run the risk of injury. It is understood that LHE SoCal Premier LLC, Robert Looper, and LHE SoCal Premier LLC Coaching staff cannot be held liable for any injury that possibly occurs when safety precautions are administered and taught to players, including COVID-19 risk. In addition, all fees are final, if disciplinary actions take place with the athlete leading to suspension or expulsion, there is no refund given.

I/We _______________________________(Print Name) have read and understand the above waiver/consent. I/We give permission for ___________________________(Print Name) to participate in LHE SoCal Premier LLC activities. We understand that LHE SoCal Premier LLC will not be held liable for any injuries as mentioned in the above waiver.

________________________ __________________________ ___________

Print, Sign, Date Player

________________________ __________________________ ____________

Print, Sign, Date Parent/Guardian



A Message from our Director

Welcome to the SoCal Premier Family. We are very excited to have you on your journey to the NEXT LEVEL. It's my promise to do everything in my power, as well as my staff, to help get you to the place you want to be. Keep Working!

-Rob Looper

Director/Head Coach

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