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Hoop Prophet Training

The Hoop Prophet is a separate entity that works with SoCal Premier to provide an intense, focused personal training for Basketball, Strength/Conditioning, Nutrition education/planning, Kinesiology programs, Physical Education classes and Agility.


Basketball Training

Hone your basketball skills with all Professionally trained basketball trainers. Focusing on your weaknesses to make strengths; while sharpening your already sharp tools. 



Strength & Conditioning is key for every sport. Becoming more strong and conditioned than your opponent is vital for your success as an athlete.

Physical Training


Teaching the movement of the body is extremely important in decreasing injuries, beating your opponent down the court, and becoming more nimble with your positioning.

Contact us NOW for your chance to be the next PROPHET!

Coach Gabe

Phone: (661)618-2317


Coach Sid

Phone: (661)755-9584


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