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Coach Robert Looper

Head Coach/Founder

Coach Robert Looper is the Head Coach and Founder of ‘Looper’s Hoopers’. Born in Lancaster, CA, Robert had a knack for sports. As a boy, he watched and played countless hours of football, baseball, and most importantly, basketball. Robert and his Mother, Father and two older sisters moved from the Antelope Valley to Santa Clarita Valley at the age of 5. He took a strong liking to baseball where he was a star in little league for years, but growth spurt after growth spurt had Robert curious about basketball. At the age of 8, Robert decided it was time to put baseball on the back burner and focus on his true calling, basketball. His mother and father signed him up for city ball as he dominated year after year until they saw the opportunity to join an AAU team. Robert was blessed to join Aim High, coached and endorsed by Kenny "the Jet" Smith and brother, Vincent Smith. Robert was taught so much from the brilliant coaches which ultimately lead to him getting many scholarship offers and the opportunities to play professional basketball. 

Roberts luck changed, however, when practicing his dribble drives when his knee buckled and popped. Carried off the floor, Robert was optimistic but to no avail when the doctors confirmed he had a complete tear in his ACL, MCL, PCL and 75% of the cartilage. He knew that it was an uphill battle to get back to greatness as he rehabbed hard and took this opportunity to get on a strict lifting schedule and gain strength. One year after the surgery, Robert took home MVP of an Alumni Tournament which saw him average 26 PPG and 19 RPG on the way to the championship. From there forward he knew it wasnt the end. He pushed hard and was given the opportunity to play pro again. Traveling to Thailand and playing in the TBSL while taking averages of 15 PPG and 9 RPG saw him flourishing. But his knee would finally get the best of him as he called it quits after the year and turned his focuses outward.

Robert now focuses on making the youth and giving back to the community that saw him through his battles. As a coach and trainer, Robert strives to become the best he possibly can as a trainer, coach, basketball mentor to many, and as a human being to help the youth become great adults in their future.

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Coach Dan Broyles grew up in the Santa Clarita area & played basketball at Saugus High School and went on to play at Grace University. In 2014, Coach Dan started coaching different teams with the City of Santa Clarita, and led to a City Championship in 2018. In 2018, Coach Dan co-founded a travel team, The Thunderbirds, which thrived until 2020. Currently, Coach Dan is a lead pastor and Spiritual Therapist at Valencia Hills Church as well as a great basketball mind as the Head Coach of Santa Clarita Christian School!

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Coach Tarek Abdelsameia is a great commodity to the brand. He adds great knowledge, a clear vision and a tough nosed approach. Coach Tarek is a 2x CIF Division 1 Champion for Ulysses Grant High School where he is the head coach and director.

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Coach Sid Davis has been with SoCal Premier for quite some time. Sid specializes in player development as well as coaching some of our high level teams. Coach Sid has coaches at Canyon HS and develops players from Elementary school level, all the way to high level Division 1 athletes.

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