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Middle School Program

The Premier .....

 The LHE SoCal Premier Basketball Organization is a Grassroots Program. Our mission is to enrich the ongoing development of youth Student-Athletes, with sportsmanship, leadership & fundamentals of basketball. LHE SoCal Premier dedicates itself to developing skills on the basketball court, while providing a skillset in life that ensures our athletes will win & thrive as great people. 



The LHE SoCal Premier Program is designed for anyone, no matter the skill level, who are dedicated & committed to enhancing and achieving their potential of being GREAT. We have teams for all skill levels, developmental to the Elite, national level circuits.


We focus on developing & teaching the fundamental skills of basketball. Offense, Defense, Poise, & Conditioning are the epitome of our skills teachings.  Inspired by overseas former Pro - Robert Looper, our incredible coaching staff leads our many teams to achieving the peak of their abilities, individually & as a team.


We ensure we are promoting an extremely positive environment which is a must for any athlete to be the best they can be as a basketball player and as a human being. LHE SoCal Premier Basketball is a family, which everything is done TOGETHER. In the family there plenty of responsibilities, sacrifices & real sense of togetherness which comes without favoritism or politics, we are one family with one common goal... Greatness.


This is what it takes to be a effective & successful TEAM & every member of LHE SoCal Premier Basketball adds to the mixing pot. Come along, and be part of the PREMIER.


Monetary dedications $199.00 Yearly Startup Fee: Being part of an AAU Team is a large commitment from parents, players and coaching staff alike. LHE SoCal Premier AAU mandate all players a one-time annual registration of $199.00 to harvest their investment and diligence to the team. This fee covers the uniform package, plus coaches fees, gym rental fees, insurance fees, and much more, as well as extra events that your athlete will have a hand in for the duration of the season. Your support means the world to each of us at LHE SoCal Premier.

Individual Expectations: All players are required commit to a full AAU year (September 1st – August 15th) of participation in the team, which means prioritizing our team. Teams are only as successful as the continuity and family aspect within the group. Non-Committed players brings trust issues into the program.



Monthly Club Fee: $175 per month  (Due on the first practice of each month) 1st Payment (Sept-1st)


Tournaments & Shootouts: We will be participating in 1-3 events every month with a very mapped out schedule ahead of time.


Program Includes: 

• 1- 2 Practices per week with skill development sessions & Strength/Conditioning 

• 1-3 Events a month that will be participated in


• Season runs from October 1st, 2023, to August 31st, 2024

"365 Days-of-Grind" Program

Our 365 Days-of-Grind Program is highlighted for every player who is set on becoming a BEAST. Our Program is fine tuned for players to fall in love with the PROCESS of becoming a beast. This Program is for players who strive to becoming the absolute best of their ability on the court and in the classroom. This program is not for the faint of heart or anyone who is "Half In". If you are looking to GRIND all year, We would love to have you. 


What is "365 Days-of-Grind" Program?

A full, 365 Days, of Grinding-out of this world-drills that WILL get your ready for the next step in your basketball career. This includes on the court, mental training, hand eye training, strength training, plyometrics, explosion training, and conditioning.

This Program is as follows:

Back2School Season Training

(August - October)

Heavy focus on EVERY aspect of the program.

Fall/Winter Work

(November - February)

VERY Heavy focus on Skill work, Hand-Eye, and Mental Aspects

Heavy Hitter AAU Season Training

(March - May)

Heavy focus on EVERY aspect of the program

Begin High School planning

Blow-Up Time (June-July)

Entrance into 2-3 Exposure Camps with extreme recruiting coverage

Live Period Tournaments (Live Period is the open recruiting time for Division I, II, III & NAIA college coaches.)


End of Summer Evals and Final Games


Exit Interviews where we check the last years progress, make new goals and reevaluate the process.

Unique, High School placement specialties with your assigned coaching staff Mentor.


SAT Preparation

Everyone will get a packet with a ton of info on SAT/ACT tests, NCAA

Clearinghouse, & other vital info for students & parents to fully grasp the process.

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