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SoCal Premier AAU

2024 Spring/Summer Season


Welcome to SoCal Premier AAU. We are thrilled to have you in our growing family. Each year, we seek out the most dedicated basketball talent from across Southern California and help bring their dreams of college basketball, a reality. From March through August (Excluding June for High School participation), we are in the HEAVIEST recruited events in all of America. Every team we have, whether it be 15U, 16U, or 17U in every level of Local, Regional, or National are in the most prestigious events outside of only the EYBL. 

We at SoCal Premier AAU value each player. We know each player as a person, as opposed to some places where players are more of a “number” or a profit, which helps us really dictate how to place a player in the right position for college. Of all players that have come through our doors, we have a 95% college placement. Only players that did not participate in college basketball either had the opportunity and chose a different avenue (ie Army, Marines, etc.) or continued their journey in a prestigious prep school where they will be participating after the year. 

We focus on putting the most elite schedule, most elite positioning and most elite experience for each player to thrive, otherwise we would see a drop in our percentage. Having such an elite system makes our jobs easier for recruiting purposes, and forces our players to improve immensely due to the level of competition (Iron sharpens iron example).


We have a 15U (Freshman), 16U (Sophomores), 17U (Juniors), and Unsigned Seniors levels. For each level, we have a Local, Regional, and National team level, each suited to succeed and gather as much college attention as possible. Our schedule is listed below:


3/23-24  Pangos Best of the West, Long Beach

4/12-14 Pangos Fantastic 40, Miami, FL

4/19-21 MADE Hoops West Mania, Garden Grove

5/3-5 PrepHoops, Phoenix, AZ

5/17-19 Pangos Terrific 24, Carmel, IN *LIVE PERIOD*

7/11-14  WCE Vegas Live, Las Vegas *LIVE PERIOD*

7/19-21 PrepHoops National, Minneapolis, MN *LIVE PERIOD*

8/3-4 Summer Jam, Rancho Cucamonga

8/24-25 Endless Summer, Torrance


3/23-24  SoCal Springs Vibe, Torrance

4/6-7 WCE Spring Tip-Off, Long Beach

4/19-21 MADE Hoops West Mania, Garden Grove

5/3-5 Prep Hoops Bash in the Desert, Phoenix

5/17-19 WCE Spring Classic, Las Vegas *LIVE PERIOD*

6/1-2 WCE Summer Siege, Orange County *SENIORS ONLY*

6/22-23 Code hoops Senior Showcase, Acton *SENIORS ONLY*

7/11-14 BigFoot Las Vegas Live, Las Vegas *LIVE PERIOD*

7/19-21 WCE SoCal Summer Challenge, Orange County *LIVE PERIOD*


7/19-21 WCE GXL National Finals, Chicago *LIVE PERIOD*

8/3-4 Summer Jam, Rancho Cucamonga

8/24-25 Endless Summer, Torrance


3/23-24  SoCal Spring Vibe, Torrance

4/13-14 MADE HOOPS Spring Clash, Los Angeles

4/19-21 MADE Hoops West Mania, Garden Grove

5/17-19 MADE HOOPS Cali Live, Los Angeles *LIVE PERIOD*

5/25-26 Code Hoops The Tune-Up, Acton

6/1-2 WCE Summer Siege, Orange County *SENIORS ONLY*

6/22-23 Code Hoops Senior Showcase, Acton *SENIORS ONLY*

7/10-14 MADE HOOPS Cali Live, Los Angeles *LIVE PERIOD*

7/19-21 MADE HOOPS Cali Live Finale, Los Angeles *LIVE PERIOD*

8/3-4 Summer Jam, Rancho Cucamonga

8/24-25 Endless Summer, Torrance


Info on Events

Our events are really the cream of the crop, here is info on the events and companies we are rocking with this year:

  1. Pangos

  2. West Coast Elite

  3. MADE Hoops

  4. Code Hoops

  5. PrepHoops


Pangos, founded by Dinos Trigonis, has been doing ELITE AAU events since the very beginning. Pangos does events so extremely saturated with college coaches that it outshines every other company outside of the EYBL. No other company competes. We were lucky to be extended an invite to participate in the National Tournaments. 


West Coast Elite is a juggernaut in today's AAU world. With a ton of events, Elite is correct as they continue to build more and more towards being the biggest brand in AAU Hoops. 

MADE Hoops is one of the top events and created so much hype for players. Very premium teams take place, from typically every shoe circuit in America. MADE Hoops is a Nike Sponsored event company and a great look for our athletes. 


Code Hoops is a newer company but we like what they stand for. They host very premium events and make sure that the experience is way over the top. We really like what they have to offer. 


PrepHoops is a national brand, who, you guessed it, is really great at exposure as well. They have scouts who do a lot of write ups, they have a lot of really unique tournaments that can really showcase the abilities of our players across the nation. 


Our focus this year is clear.

  1. Get our Seniors into school next year.

  2. Get our Juniors offers rolling in

  3. Get our Sophomores exposure creating noise for next year's HS & AAU season.

  4. Get our Freshman ready to explode onto the national scene. 

We build…

  1. Players through drills, skill building, competition, and scenarios

  2. Competitors through elite competition levels

  3. People through our tough, rewarding systems. 


As you can imagine, the cost for running a team with such elite events, elite coaching staff, and elite contacts, costs a lot to run. For that reason, we have to ask for fees. Our fees are as follows:


Team Level




17u National

$1,650 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

17u Regional

$1,550 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

17u Local

$1,500 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

16u National

$1,650 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

16u Regional

$1,550 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

16u Local

$1,500 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

15u National

$1,650 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

15u Regional

$1,550 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

15u Local

$1,500 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly

Unsigned Seniors

$1,650 Season

$299 Registration

$35 Monthly


There are a few ways that we cut costs as well. We do Referral Bonus’ and Fundraiser.

Referral Bonus is “Every player that you refer that signs up with us, you receive $150 off of your Season payment.” There is no limit, but the referred player has to sign up.

Secondly, the fundraiser is, like I’m sure you already know, one of the “Put down 20 emails and we will get people to donate for you” type of fundraiser. For this, every dollar you get donated is a 60/40 cut off of your Season payment. For example, Bob donated $100 for Joe to play. $60 of that goes straight towards the payment, the other 40 goes to: $20 the fundraiser company, and $20 goes towards the end of the summer banquet.



Robert Looper - Founder - (661)666-3358

Sid Davis - Director - (661)755-9584

Notable Locations

Locations we use across Southern California

  1. Paraclete HS (AV Region)

  2. Santa Clarita Christian School (SCV Region)

  3. Grant HS (ESFV Region)

  4. La Salle College Preparatory HS (Pasadena Region)

  5. Chaminade HS (WSFV Region)

  6. Cleveland HS (SSFV Region)

  7. Loyola HS (Los Angeles Region)

  8. Newhall Boys & Girls Club (Headquarters)


Notable alumni through the years:

Dillon Barrientos, University of Alaska Anchorage

Noah Veluzat, Point Loma University

Jordan Sumbry, University of Hartford

Yuuto Williams, Lamar/Portland State

Jamaal Unuakhalu, Jackson State

Ryan Hoffman, Cal State Lutheran

Gabe Latkovich, Whitman University

Dylan Cox, Luther College

Langston Taylor, Tabor College

Deshawn Herold, College of the Canyons

Dilyn Martin, Santa Monica College

DJ Gaines, Santa Monica College

Luka Marich, Moorpark College

Gilbert Camacho Jr., Germany

Tracy Bryden, Cal State San Marcos

Dashaun Warren, Malloy University

Daniel Martin, University of Arizona

Ryan Bamgboye, Marines

Miles Davis, University of Hawaii

Anthony Krizman, CSUN

Miguel Mayorga, CSUN

Derek Pangilinan, University of Redlands

Coby Lonsinger, Arizona State University

Collin Mayhugh, Whitman University

Amado Coleman, Santa Barbara City College

And many more!

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