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SoCal Premier 
Supreme Basketball Organization

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About LHE SoCal Premier

  • SoCal Premier AAU Teams are "Cream of the Crop". Playing in Local & Regional, and Nation-Wide exposure events. From tip of the top tournaments & massive competitive leagues,

to elite shoe brand circuits - SoCal Premier is the place to be to get YOU to the next level.

  • SoCal Premier Youth Leagues are a "One-of-a-kind" experience for kids ages 6 - 18. Our youth leagues are extremely focused on Skill development, enhancing your in-game "bag" & applying everything to intense game situations. Real Pro & College players & coaches teach the game in ways like never before.


Each team has levels ranging from beginner to elite level of play. Here are our different teams

What do I expect?

Our Mission

The LHE SoCal Premier Basketball Organization is a Grassroots Program. Our mission is to enrich the ongoing development of youth Student-Athletes, with sportsmanship, leadership & fundamentals of basketball. LHE SoCal Premier dedicates itself to developing skills on the basketball court, while providing a skillset in life that ensures our athletes will win & thrive as great people. 

The LHE SoCal Premier Program is designed for anyone, no matter the skill level, who are dedicated & committed to enhancing and achieving their potential of being GREAT. We have teams for all skill levels, developmental to the Elite, national level circuits.


We focus on developing & teaching the fundamental skills of basketball. Offense, Defense, Poise, & Conditioning are the epitome of our skills teachings.  Inspired by overseas former Pro - Robert Looper, our incredible coaching staff leads our many teams to achieving the peak of their abilities, individually & as a team.


We ensure we are promoting an extremely positive environment which is a must for any athlete to be the best they can be as a basketball player and as a human being. LHE SoCal Premier Basketball is a family, which everything is done TOGETHER. In the family there plenty of responsibilities, sacrifices & real sense of togetherness which comes without favoritism or politics, we are one family with one common goal... Greatness.


This is what it takes to be a effective & successful TEAM & every member of LHE SoCal Premier Basketball adds to the mixing pot. Come along, and be part of the PREMIER.

Our Goals

Your World PREMIER


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