Gabe Latkovich 6'9" C , averages of 22PPG, 13RPG and 4.6BPG / 3.9GPA

Updated: Feb 17

Gabe is the hardest worker on the basketball court we at SoCal Premier has ever seen. He will show up in rain, sleet or snow and outwork everyone else by a mile. Gabe shows extreme willingness to be coached. He is constantly putting himself in position to succeed. Extremely skilled around the basket, Gabe uses a variety of moves to get anything he wants, even when he is outsized. An excellent rebounder and a rim protector who is constantly beating guards down the court with his speed. A great D2 level Big. Gabe's weaknesses begin and end with perimeter shooting. As a big, you couldn't ask for much more than what he brings to the table, with an enormous amount of heart and grit. Three Point shooting is where he finds his struggles, but knows his strengths and sticks to them.

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Comparison: Charlotte Cody Zeller

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