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About SoCal Premier Events 


SoCal Premier is a very top of the line event coordination business where we strive to give the absolute best experience in all of our Tournaments, Shootouts, Camps, and Top 100 events. We specialize in making our events a gigantic step above the competition in every way. Ways such as having a live streaming/Playback recording of every game played, top notch media coverage (Social Media and online) as well as hosting national teams and national events, Player of the game, live stats, All Tournament teams, and much much more. 

Starting off as an AAU program (Looper's Hoopers Elite), SoCal Premier knows what makes an event lack and also knows what makes tournaments great! To compete with all the competitors in the United States, SoCal Premier puts forth the highest of premium experience's, guaranteed.

SoCal Premier AAU Teams are also cream of the crop. Playing in Gigantic exposure events, mixed with our own massive exposure events, SoCal Premier is the place to be to get YOU to the next level.

Highest Competition

National Tournaments with National Talent

Highest Quality

Utmost premium of quality

Highest College Coverage

Streamed live, box scores & newsletters

Highest Satisfaction

Driving for the best experience available.

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